This is about you, not us

anksia was created for you. A gentle reminder that you do not need to compromise on beauty and luxury, and what is good for your skin, health and our planet.  

Why another skincare brand? 

Because of our own customer pains.

The level of Greenwashing and 'green sheen' (that is, marketing spin to claim 'green' values, natural products, environmentally friendly practices etc) occurring in the skincare and cosmetic industry is prevalent and frustratingly common.  

It seemed impossible to find skincare that was:

-  (truly) natural

-  visibly improved skin 

-  reasonably priced (without crazy markups) 

-  environmentally conscious and sustainable 

-  designed and packaged beautifully

This is where anksia comes in. Skincare products that you (and we!) will love and feel proud to use. 

We are not perfect. We have much further to go. The entire industry has much further to go. But we are striving towards being the most ethical, natural and luxe skincare brand. 

We are proud of what we have been able to create and achieve since inception (and in a relatively short amount of time). However, we will continue to improve overtime.  

We have put our time, energy and love into our products. We hope you love them as much as we do.  


Our philosophy is based on recognising the power of natural botanicals and ingredients and harnessing these to create skincare that works harmoniously with your skin’s natural state and processes. Real ingredients, real results.

We do not use harmful ingredients. We believe and operate according to a seed to skin philosophy. 

Our range has been thoughtfully created to bring romance into everyday life, with beautiful packaging, and conscious pricing.  

Great skin is your best base. Our skincare nourishes deeply with certified organic ingredients carefully selected for their properties that repair, maintain and perfect skin. 

Join us and the journey to great skin, that doesn’t cost you or the planet. Our affordable, beautiful product range is, literally, at your fingertips. 

Ingredients in a nutshell 

Our skincare range is made with only natural ingredients that is good for you and our planet. That means NO parabens, PEGs, sulphates, silicones, petroleum, synthetic ingredients, artificial fragrances or any harmful ingredients whatsoever.

Finally, ingredients you can understand, know and trust.

We provide a breakdown of each of the ingredients used in our products on our Ingredients page.