Sometimes a mask is a good thing. 

This one is gentle, yet exceptionally powerful. This is a pure clay from the South of France, and contains an array of micro-elements and minerals

We use hyperfine clay to ensure that these micro-elements and minerals deeply penetrate and cleanse your skin, pull impurities and actively renew and nourish skin by tightening and soothing, leaving a natural glow.  

It cleanses, detoxifies and removes dead skin cells. Congested, blemish-prone skin will find pores are minimised, blackheads and spots are reduced and skin settled. 

A more youthful appearance is achieved through hydration, skin firmness and smoothness. Perfect for the most sensitive and stressed skin. 

Skins feels plumped and glows.

Pink clay also works to protect our outer skin from environmental aggressors, such as the weather and pollution. It can also assist to treat acne, sun-damaged skin and other skin imperfections, through increasing blood circulation and improving the overall appearance of skin.  

Best enjoyed with a (good) glass of wine and Ziggy Alberts crooning to you. 

  • 100% vegan and made from natural ingredients  
  • Sourced from the South of France
  • Made in Australia  

See our Ingredients page for the 101 on our skin #Policy&Philosophy and a breakdown of each ingredient used in our products. 

  • gently draws impurities & toxins
  • settles inflammation
  • firms & plumps skin 
  • kickstarts cell renewal
  • tightens pores & smoothes skin
  • increases blood circulation and oxygenates skin
  • stimulates cell rejuvenation & improves skin elasticity 
  • In a ceramic, glass or plastic vessel mix 1 tablespoon of clay with the wooden spoon provided with a few drops of water (filtered, if available), to form a consistent paste 
  • Apply to face and neck
  • Allow to penetrate and completely dry (approximately 10 minutes) 
  • Rinse with warm water 
  • Apply a natural, nourishing moisturiser 

Avoid any contact with metal as this may affect the properties of the clay. 


French pink clay (superfine) 

Includes a wooden spoon for mixing 

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